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                 - Erin R. Boyle 




"I always welcome opportunities that will broaden my horizons while utilizing my talents."   



Fine Artist

 Graphic Artist/ Designer


I have had the pleasure of working with some small businesses and organizations to create designs for logos and/or  event designs. 

2010 - present
2010 - present


As the artist for Dye-Na-Mite Discs, I did custom artwork for many disc orders including larger orders such as tournament trophies. Each disc was dyed and finalized  with dye and a paint brush making each disc completely unique.  I also produced an original catalog of designs for use by the company during my time there. I continue to do designs for disc golf tournaments and clubs.

Decorator/ Designer/ Stylist

Putting things together in a beautiful way is a different form of inspiration and satifaction.  The enviroment you inhabit as well as your personal apperance can contribute to your mood, sense of comfort, and productivity. Beautiful and organized spaces are both rejuenating and relaxing. While presenting yourself to the world in a way that reflects who you are inside is a clear message of confidence and a celebration of individualitiy. 

Dancer/ Choreographer / Actress


I am proud to have a background in movement and performance -powerful forms of expression. 

Former Tattoo Artist


As my artwork lends itself nicely to the art of tattooing, an opportuinity to learn came up and was quickly accepted. The human canvas is like no other as it is sensitive to the process. I learned a considerable amount about the human condition and got further insight to how peoples minds work and how that effects their emotional journey.

reys tat
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